Popular Online Jobs Available to Kenyans and The Skills Required

popular online jobs in Kenya

Different Kinds of Online Jobs Available to Kenyans and The Skills Required

Over the past few years, working from home has not just been a dream but a necessity. Being that we live in a global village, the internet has provided many job opportunities to people in Kenya. The reason being that, there is always someone somewhere in need of certain skills.

Some of the reasons that have led many Kenyans to opt for online jobs include; the desire for better and quality life, financial difficulties, unemployment and even the desire to continue working even after retirement.

There are a number of different online jobs which are legit in Kenya. They include:

Content Writing

As long as you have a passion and are good at writing, then, online content writing is the way to go. This is because, all you have to do is find an account where you can create your profile and look for work to write.

Below are some forms of content writing;

  • Blogging; Despite the negative things that have been said about blogging as a profession, blogging still offers a way in which Kenyans can make money. Instead of being a noisy blogger on social media, you can choose to be a professional blogger who will smile all the way to the bank.
  • Search Engine Optimization; This is yet another most in demand online job. Search engine optimization mainly involves the crafting of blogs and websites helping them to rank higher on search engines. To have a lucrative SEO career, one needs to make blog and website pages appear on the first page of the search engines. SEO skills such as Panda effect, ranking high, creating traffic, link building and Internet use are some of the skills needed.
  • Content Re-writing; This is a form of online writing where a person does not create his own original content but rather intelligently spins another person’s work. It has been noted that most of re-written contents tend to have higher quality than the originals. This fact makes it an attractive online job. Phrasing, paragraph placement and titles should be different from the original article. The greatest advantage that content rewriting has over other forms of writing is that it usually takes less time to complete.

For these kinds of writing, skills such as proficient English ability, creativity, computer literacy, ability to flow, excellent listening skills, ability to follow orders and a good typing speed is usually required.


This is generally the conversion of video or audio into text. This job involves writing down what another person speaks. Therefore, a transcriber listens to an audio or video and then writes down the conversation. Although transcribing is not as easy as the regular writing jobs, if mastered, it can be the best and most lucrative among the online writing jobs.

Marketing Influencer

These are the people with wide knowledge about goods and services and can easily make sales online. Despite having massive following on social media and their blogs, marketing influencers also speak as an authority in their respective fields. A market influencer can either sell his own products or through affiliate marketing.

An affiliate is involved in promoting a good or service on behalf of a merchant. The affiliate then receives his pay from the merchant after a customer purchases the good or service.

Honesty, marketing skills and experience in online matters are essential to a person wanting to become a marketing influencer.

Web Development

It involves designing, developing and maintaining of websites. With millions of people requiring websites either for personal or commercial purposes, web developers are in constant demand. Proficiency in design, coding, WordPress knowledge and being conversant with programming language such as JavaScript, python and SQL is important.

Graphic Design

The fact that people and companies are in need of logos, virtual business cards, calendars and social media memes, makes graphic design one of the best performing online jobs. The Skills needed to becoming a graphic designer include; Corel and AutoCAD, knowledge in standard graphic design software such as Photoshop, unique creativity, In Design and proper timing.

Video Editing

A video editor mainly inserts music or graphics in videos, cuts off unsuitable parts of the video, syncs sound, among other things. A video editor needs to have knowledge of Adobe’s premier pro, creative mind and keen attention to detail.

Web Research

Apparently, every person in need of information about a certain topic often turns to Google for help. This searching of information through various search engines is what is referred to as web research. Doctors, authors and archeologists are some of the potential clients who source for the services of web researchers. To be a web researcher, one needs skills such as; adequate analysis abilities, excellent research skills, ability to follow instructions and prowess in internet surfing.

Virtual Assistants

In the past years, virtual assistant jobs have witnessed a tremendous growth. Although a virtual assistant is more like an office secretary, the biggest difference is that, VAs are no longer confined to boring offices. As a matter of fact, a VA can work for a Chinese client from the comfort of his home in Kenya.

Special skills required for a VA include; prowess in Microsoft office applications, WordPress proficiency, knowledge in office operations, good social media use and most importantly, ability to learn fast.


The above list of the available online jobs in Kenya is not exhaustive. We also have jobs such as voice-over artists and data entry, just to mention but a few.

Before settling for any online job, it is always advisable to develop an interest in the chosen field. Always take time to learn, be disciplined, have self-motivation and always remember that quality should be maintained at all times.

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