Who we are

Who We Are

Online Professional Workers Association of Kenya (OPWAK) is a non-profit organization and the voice of Kenya’s online workers. It brings together online workers in Kenya with the aim of providing a wide range of resources that will help the members to excel in their chosen profession.

Headquartered in Nairobi, OPWAK is run almost entirely by member volunteers, all of whom are also online workers. OPWAK members include online workers in the following fields:

  • Accounting & Consulting 
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Customer Service 
  • Admin Support
  • E-Commerce 
  • Legal
  • Translation
  • Writing 
  • Design & Creative 
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • IT & Networking 
  • Web, Mobile & Software development

Our main objectives

  • To be the recognized professional Association for online workers in Kenya
  • To unit all online workers in Kenya
  • To advance and champion for the rights and interests of online workers.
  • To foster linkages with like-minded Associations globally.
  • To bring members together and promote networking within and without the Association.

Our Mission

Our mission is to SUPPORT existing freelancers and engaging with government and corporates on their behalf. We also want to WELCOME new professionals in the freelance industry, enlighten them on training opportunities, and promote online work as a viable alternative to regular employment.

We want the WORLD to know that there is a huge pool of skilled professionals in Kenya with the right infrastructure and training to support their business needs remotely.

Our Vision

To create a network for mutual SUPPORT, ADVOCACY, and LOBBYING in order to advance the freelance industry and open up remote job opportunities for professionals; To guide both freelance professionals and potential clients on freelancing and outsourcing opportunities in Kenya.